About Me

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love dogs and they seem to love me.  I believe my own dogs are a reflection of the love and care that is given to them.  Fit, healthy and happy, and just a little bit spoiled.  Okay.   A lot spoiled, but in a good way….

I grew up on the Wirral and know all the best places to take your pets for a daily adventure to stimulate their senses.  Since July 2017 we have not missed a day walking, whatever the weather.  My dogs are introduced to new dogs every day.   They are very doggy social and none aggressive.

Between 1986 and 2017 I worked offshore in the oil and gas industry as a Life Support Technician, which meant being away from home for long periods of time.  That also made it impossible to have a dog of my own.  However, over the last few years my life has changed dramatically due to circumstances beyond my control, and in the mix I found myself the owner of two fur babies.  Time to re-evaluate and do something I love.

For 14 years I spent most of my off time in Spain.  Over the years I have I rescued a dog left on a balcony in July by climbing onto a patio 20’ up and re-homed him.  I have had dogs come and sit next to me in a restaurant that had escaped and contacted their very relieved owners.  Even locally I had a dog follow me and managed to call his owner who was out looking for him.

As well as taking care of my own dogs, I have been voluntarily dog walking and dog sitting for family and friends for many years, because I love to do so.  My brothers Dobermans, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Labrador, a Spanish Mastin and Labrador, two Labradors, a Jack Russell, horses and a cat.  Whilst I was in Spain I regularly visited Triple AAA, a dog rescue centre, to walk the dogs.

Wags and Walks Wirral is fully insured and CRB checked.  I am a qualified Diver Medic and have completed several emergency first aid courses.  I recently completed a Dog CPR, First Aid and Safety for Pets Pros and dedicated owners.  It is my intention to increase my knowledge by attending dog behaviour and training courses in the future.

What’s not to like?  Having daily adventures with furry friends on the paradise peninsula, tickling tummies and silky ears.  While you’re at work, we walk.

Best job ever…

My Dogs

Barney is a Brittany Spaniel, and was three years old when I got him.  He is a rescue from Costapets in La Cala, Andalucía.  I don’t know exactly what happened to him in the past, but he didn’t have a good start in life.  He was scared of just about everything and everyone.  Not even a year later he is a different dog and loving life.  Gorgeous, funny and affectionate.  Still nervous of people he doesn’t know but super dog friendly.

Bear is a Springer Spaniel / Labrador cross.  He is just the bestest present ever from a bestest friend.  When we arrived back from Spain, he was presented to me in a wrapped box, with a red bow on his head.  It was love at first sight.  He really is a cuddly bear.  So full of joy and happiness.

Bear as a puppy on return from Spain in 2017

It goes without saying I love them both to bits.