Terms & Conditions

Home Visit

Before any services are utilised, a free of charge home visit will be made at a time that is convenient for yourself.  During this visit an agreement / contract will be read and signed by both parties outlining responsibilities and agreed procedures.

Regarding Your Dog

As the owner you are responsible for ensuring that your dog is up to date with their yearly vaccines, flea and tick treatments, and wormed regularly.  Your dog should also wear an identification tag with your phone number.  While in my care, your dog will also wear an identification tag with my name, address and mobile number (this is a legal requirement) when being walked, in day care or boarding with Wags and Walks Wirral.

As the owner you are responsible for disclosing to Wags and Walks Wirral any behavioural problems or tendencies that your dog may suffer from, such as aggression, worrying other animals (including livestock), excessive pulling on the lead, etc.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of said contract.  Where possible I will try to accommodate dogs with problematic characteristics through reasonable practical measures, such as the dog being muzzled, kept on a lead or walked alone, etc.

In the event of an emergency Wags and Walks Wirral will contact you as soon as possible therefore a contact number which can be easily reached must be provided.  Should I not be able to contact you directly, please provide an alternative contact number for emergencies.  Should your dog require immediate veterinary / medical attention and you, or your alternative contact, cannot be reached, I will make necessary arrangements that I believe to be in the best interests of your dog.  As the owner of the dog you will be responsible for any fees that Wags and Walks Wirral incur under these circumstances.

As the owner of your dog you are responsible for any loss, or damage that your dog may cause whilst under the care of Wags and Walks Wirral.  Any dog which has been permitted to walk off-lead should be able to return upon command.

With regards to public safety, any dog which behaves in a manner which Wags and Walks Wirral believe to be a direct risk to the public, other animals, or ourselves, will not be offered any services.


All walks will be approximately 30 or 60 minutes.  If Wags and Walks Wirral fails to attend, or cancels a booked session a full refund shall be provided.  To allow flexibility, your booked walk will typically be for a session (eg early morning, mid-afternoon, etc) rather than a specific time.  Owners should provide towels, water and food that may be required upon your dog’s return.

Payment Terms

All payments are to be received at the beginning of service and are to be paid in cash or by bank transfer.

Cancellations of Walks & Visits

Any cancellations by customers should be made by telephone at least 24 hours before the booked service.  Failure to do so will result in a full charge for the requested service.

Termination of Service

If you wish to terminate your agreement with Wags and Walks Wirral then please provide one week’s notice in writing / by email.  Wags and Walks Wirral reserves the right to cancel a service or booking at any time.


Wags and Walks Wirral has public liability insurance.  It is recommended that your own dog is also insured.


Wags and Walks Wirral reserves the right to change advertised prices.  Existing customers will be provided with 14 days’ notice in writing of any such changes.  All prices currently displayed on the website are up to date.

The Website

Please note that the contents of our website cannot be reproduced without the owner’s consent.  Wags and Walks Wirral is not responsible for the content of any sites linked to this one.