Doggy Day Care

I hate the thought of leaving my dogs at home for any length of time.  Wags and Walks Wirral now offer Wirral Borough Council Approved doggy day care seven days a week.  You can drop your dog off before work and collect them at the end of your day anytime between 8:00am and 6:00pm.  Your dog will be welcome in my home and treated the same as my own dogs, who I love to bits and who follow me everywhere – even to the bathroom!  They have access to a secure garden and at least one walk.  We usually go for approximately 1hr 30mins minimum.  That’s walk time!  They will get plenty of attention, playtime and perhaps a few treats.  I will accept small to medium-sized, sociable, house-trained dogs.  I cannot accept bitches in heat or dogs that have not been neutered.

Dog Boarding

Given the choice, I would not leave my own dogs in kennels and if you’re contacting me, you wouldn’t either.  Your fur babies would come and stay in a home environment, where they feel safe, fussed over and cared for.  If you are local to the area they will be going on familiar walks too – just with new friends.  Even if your doggy sleeps in your bed… that will happen here too if there is any room with my own two.  It is also a good idea to bring something that smells like home and is comforting so they feel secure.  You can also bring any of their favourite toys.  Happy days!  Happy nights!  Happy dogs!  Happy owners!

The Dog’s Dinner

I can feed them with my own food at extra cost, although I would recommend you bring your own food as a change in diet can sometimes upset your dog’s digestion.  I will feed your dog at the time you usually do, in their own bowl, so their routine is kept similar.  If your dog is allowed treats, please bring enough to last their stay.

Pet Taxi

You may be aware that most taxis do not allow dogs on board, apart from service dogs, so I have introduced a Pet Taxi service for when your dog needs to be taken to the vets or groomers.  This service will need to be booked in advance to fit in with the schedule.